Charges laid after Wandal home destroyed by suspicious fire

ONE week after a Wandal home was gutted by a suspicious fire, police have charged a man.

The 26-year-old has been charged with arson and fraud after police and emergency services were called to a Naughton St home shortly before 4pm last Tuesday.

The owners of the home were left with next-to-nothing after the home was destroyed by the blaze.

After living in the home for seven years Daniel and Codey Bromilow, as well as their 20-month-old daughter Rebekah were devastated to come home to find their house on fire.

“There is so much that is gone in that instant and we are still trying to process it to be honest,” he told The Morning Bulletin last week.

In the weeks prior to the fire, the Bromilow’s said they had been receiving anonymous threats, and on the morning of the fire a flaming milk bottle had been left at their front door.

“It has been really terrifying,” he said.

“Especially as we don’t know who the threat are coming from.”

Article By Maddelin Mccosker – Rockhampton Morning Bulletin – Source Link