Emergency & Exit Lights

Emergency lighting is a critical aspect of a facilities life safety and emergency response system. It consists of emergency luminaries and illuminated exit signs which are designed and installed to guide occupants along a safe exit route in the event of an emergency.

The emergency lighting system is designed and maintained in accordance with AS2923 this standard sets out a minimum guideline for the emergency lighting system to maintain adequate lighting within a premise to enable safe exit in emergency situations where mains power has been disrupted. Emergency lighting is also a vital component with assisting emergency response personnel to navigate through a building.

Fire Boar is a preferred supplier and installer of a new and truly revolutionary product in Australia which is the Firescape Addressable Emergency Lighting system.

This system dominates the European market and it is now time for you and Australia to benefit from the massive cost savings and environmental benefits which this system offers.

The three main types of Emergency Lighting systems are:

  • Stand alone – these luminaries are controlled and powered by batteries stored within the fitting.
  • Central Power – these luminaries are powered from a battery bank stored locally on the premises
  • Monitored – these luminaries are powered by batteries stored within the fitting, however controlled and monitored via management portal.

As with all fire safety equipment, emergency lighting is required to be inspected, tested and serviced at regular intervals in accordance with AS 2293 to ensure that all lights are functional in the case of an emergency.


Fire Boar is a signatory and partner with the Queensland Governments “Exit Cycle Program” which is designed to promote the recycling of Ni-Cd batteries, ensuring that the materials are safely recovered instead of being disposed to landfill. As a facilitator within this program we pledge to recycle at least 95% of emergency and exit lighting batteries.



FireScape Emergency Lighting system is manufactured by Hochiki, a Japanese company, who are also one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality Fire Detection products for the past 100 years. The system is based around a modular, addressable, emergency lighting control panel with battery back-up. It also features addressable, self-contained luminaires and signage, connected via screened, extra-low voltage (40Vdc) cabling. The luminaires are connected using just a standard screened cable, which reduces installation costs traditionally associated with emergency lighting systems. The luminaires fit directly onto the Hochiki sensor simply by a twist fit onto a base allowing you to issue your installation technicians with mounting of any replacement units costing as little as $3.00 each, the cable is terminated into these bases and all associated luminaires no matter what type fit into the same base. The system can also be pre-programmed off site and tested prior to the luminaires being sent to site for commissioning, once fitted to the base the system is ready to use.

The FireScape system is an intelligent emergency lighting system, using the “branch structure” method of cabling, which means several branches can be teed off from the main cable for different floors and areas of the building. Due to its programmability, exit and route lights can be freely installed anywhere on the line without having to group them into either exit or route light circuits as found with many of the competitors equivalent ATS systems. The EL-2 control panel constantly monitors the condition of the luminaire batteries and LED’s and can be programmed to perform the periodical testing and reporting required by legislation. The system complies fully with ALL parts of AS2293, with many of the competitors only comply to the main sections of the standards, the product is also unique in that it has Active Fire certification which is applied to fire products that have adhered to rigorous testing by CSIRO.

A FireScape exit sign luminaire consumes less than 0.5W, including the power loss. A similar 8W fluorescent light exit sign will consume approximately 12W, with our competitors LED technology typically ranging from 1.5 to 3.5w. When compared to 230v LED lights, the FireScape products save more than 50% of energy. The lower energy consumption in turn directly correlates with lower CO2e emissions. For example, replacing 100 230v fluorescent exit luminaires with FireScape LED based exit lights, the CO2e emissions would be reduced by 2,620KG annually.

At the core of the FireScape emergency lighting system is the addressable EL-2 control panel, altogether 127 exits signs, route lights or Input/Output units can be connected to each of the two addressable lines totalling 254 devices per panel. Both exit signs and route lights utilise LED technology, which has a life expectancy of 10 years! The system is controlled by the discreet EL-KP keypad which features an LCD graphic display, which can show the address of the device activated or in fault as well as text associated with the devices area. In addition to this control pad the system can be taken to the next level with Graphic system which can be monitored locally of indeed remotely, allowing maintenance staff or facility companies to know events even before the client has become aware of them.

So to summarise:-

  • Extremely easy installation
  • Simple infrastructure (no routers etc.)
  • Energy efficient, easily 50% more efficient than other systems on the market.
  • Intelligent and Automatic testing, reducing service times for larger sites from weeks, to just a day or two.
  • Extra Low voltage meaning on site personnel can be trained to replace the fittings.
  • Eco Friendly both in energy use and in reduced manufacturing CO2 foot print.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control.
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