Smoke Alarms

It's been proven that smoke alarms save lives. Reports have found that the number of deaths from house fires have dropped by more than half if well maintained smoke alarms are installed.
Queensland has implemented the most extensive smoke alarm legislation in Australia. The Fire and Emergency Services (Domestic Smoke Alarms) Amendment Act 2016 (Qld) commenced 1 January 2017 which imposes additional obligations on property owners & managers with regard to the installation and maintenance of smoke alarms at domestic dwellings.

Fire Boars Annual Smoke Alarm Maintenance/Service includes:

  • The preservation of records detailing that the property is compliant with current QLD smoke alarm legislation. When replacing smoke alarms, they must be of a photoelectric type which complies with Australian Standard (AS) 3786-2014
  • Cleaning of each smoke alarm
  • Decibel testing
  • Battery replacement
  • Smoke test to ensure effective operation of the smoke alarm (when applicable)
  • Replacement of faulty and expired smoke alarms
  • Leaving information card for occupant/tenant upon completion of the smoke alarm service if they are not present
  • Tenants signature upon completion of the smoke alarm service (when applicable)
  • Photos of each smoke alarm showing the location and expiry date stored on Fire Boar’s system
  • Provide an asset register which includes the asset type, location, last inspection date, model type, date of battery replacement and pass or fail
  • Displaying the service information and photos on our online portal (allowing property managers to easily identify the last service date and previous service information while on site without climbing a ladder)


Please refer to the below links for the current legislative requirements in Queensland

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